Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to the Fourth Screen

A couple of days ago I was watching this Ted Talk entitled "Why We Don't Understand as Much as We Think We Do"

And while it's a good talk proposing the need for hands-on learning, I was more intrigued by the Nokia ad at the end of the talk. If you don't want to find it in the above clip, here is a lower-quality version of the ad.

I remember seeing this ad a few months ago, but had forgotten about it. How do you think the church can utilize the "fourth screen" in ministry?

Here are a few ideas that I had, but I would love to hear what you think too. The iPhone opens all kinds of options to the possibility of communicating with people via handheld devices.

Twitter - set up a Twitter account for your church or ministry to keep people updated on events that are happening. Think that sounds a little wierd? Consider this: The Mars Phoenix Lander twitters its goings-on. Follow it here. But it's out of contact for the next couple of weeks while Mars is on the opposite side of the sun from us.

Q&A - immagine interacting with people during a conference or meeting by having them text in questions or responses to discussions to allow everyone to be involved in the conversation.

Immediate Poll Results - Utilize text messaging to get feedback from the congregation on-the-fly by having people text their responses to questions and showing the results of the poll on screen. For example, "What's the biggest concern to you today?" Finances, Relationships, Work, etc.

Live blogging - in addition to streaming video of services, maybe you could do live blogging from events and have people send in photos or short videos to fill out the blog posts with images during the event.

What are some way you can think of to utilize the "fourth screen?"

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