Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard Spacebar Repair

My Saitek Eclipse II keyboard had a couple of pieces break. The space bar became very wobbly. You had to push it exactly in the middle or it wouldn't register a keystroke. So after searching around to see if there was some way to fix it, I came across this blog that described how he contacted Saitek, and they helped him out.

So I contacted Saitek and they sent me some replacement parts. The video below shows the repairs. Big thanks for the great customer service from Angelo at Mad Catz/Saitek!

I highly recommend their products and the customer service was outstanding!


Anonymous said...

my issue was the little pegs holding the metal piece in place on the space bar broke off. quick fix - wipe a little petroleum jelly on the piece where it clips onto the space bar, place the piece back on the space bar, then use low heat hot glue to coat it. once that cools, wiggle it around to get the petroleum jelly to lube it up, and problem solved. i hate waiting for parts to be mailed, this is my alternative solution :)

Anonymous said...

That was my issue to my little pegs broke off to and I don't want to order parts it takes to long. I think I am going to try your idea. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day - I didn't realize metal thing snapped on top of bar so I was able to fix mine from you saying that. I can't afford a new keyboard and I type for a living. plus I love this one. Thanks. Linda

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, YOU ROCK! I've been waiting MONTHS for the backordered part. (Yep, months with a gimpy spacebar, that's how much I love this keyboard.) Then... 15 minutes with your solution (except vegetable oil because I don't have petroleum jelly) and I'm typing this post with the reparied spacebar. THANK YOU!

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