Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Rule, not the Exception

Deep down I've always felt reality would prove itself to be more exciting than the theoretical concepts of church I have always heard. Could it be that at some point in the past worship quietly, but definitively shifted from the analog age into the digital age? Upon surveying the landscape of churches in America, this appears to be the situation, especially in larger churches.

Kent Schaffer at has reported some recent findings that support this theory.
Church Technology Usage and Growth


Stealth said...

Yup, even down here in Colombia my church (uhm, it's not big, I would guess between 300-400 on a Sunday maybe) has 2 average-sized projectors. One in the front, one in the back. They also stream the sermons on Sundays from their website. However, I don't think most churches use the projector to their full potential. :P

That's awesome though that some churches are actually blogging and podcasting!

Gabe Smith said...

Hey, thanks for sharing, Stealth. That's very interesting that your church is so technologically minded.

I read a blog by a very technologically minded church called Swerve You might find it interesting to see what crazy stuff they're doing. (Think: Church in Second Life.)

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