Friday, August 29, 2008

iTunes' "Feature"

So I recently discovered that the reason I haven't been getting updates for some of my second-tier podcasts. (First-tiers are ones I listen to right away when they are released. Second-tiers are the ones I listen to when I get a chance.)

Anyway... the reason I haven't been getting the updates? An heretofore unknown "Feature" that iTunes has.

It stops updating podcasts you haven't listened to in a while!


I'm sure glad my RSS reader doesn't unsubscribe from feeds for me. As of this morning I have around 600 unread posts (that's not an exaggeration) from the many blogs I follow.

Is this really a feature? Aren't hard-drives big enough and iPod users savvy enough to manage the extra information you might download with a podcast you neglect for a couple of weeks? And does anyone out there know if there is a way to turn this "feature" off?

Next week I will introduce some of the podcasts I listen to, but it's up to you to figure out which ones are first-tier and which ones are second-tier.

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