Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Online (And Free) Conferences This Week

This week my 9-month-old son, Malcolm, and I will be participating in two different conferences. I know what you're thinking, "Taking a 9-month-old to a conference? What's wrong with you?" Well, they're both webcasts so we'll both be participating from our living room!

One is called "The Nines" which begins tomorrow at 9:00 am (get it? 09-09-09 at 09:09). The list of church leaders speaking at this event is too long to list here, but trust me, it's a powerhouse group of people. How will so many speakers get a chance to speak? Easy. They each get 9 minutes, naturally! I believe registration is still open for this event, if you have time to participate in even a portion of it.

The other is called "The Forum" and is the result of a partnership between LifeChurch.tv, Southeastern University, and 316 Networks. It is a two-day webcast conference with talks from loads of leaders from ministries, new organizations, and businesses.

So be sure to follow me on Twitter and join the conversation if you're participating in either of these events.

1 comment:

CU said...

Ok I heard about the nines but not the other one. I signed up anyway. Not sure if I will have time to see them all the way thru though. Some of the guys on the Forum one I an not too big a fan of.
Thanks for reminding me about these online conferences.

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