Sunday, March 2, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Teens Don't Buy CD's

According to the LA Times, 48% of teenagers bought no CD's at all in 2007. None. Have teens suddenly stopped listening to music in droves?

Of course not. Teens now use iTunes or simply download their music from illegal filesharing sites. This calls into question some copyright issues that I will not address, but for an interesting take on the issue watch this video by Larry Lessig.

The point is at least 48% of teens are speaking with their feet and staying home to get their music. Digital downloads have advantages that outweigh the nostalgia of hanging out in the record store.

Top Ten Reasons Teens Don't Buy CD's (In My Opinion)

10. Purchase only the songs you want

9. You don't have to transfer your new CD to iTunes

8. You can shop in your PJ's online.

7. Search and find. No unorganized CD racks like the store.

6. You're not embarrassed to buy The Best of Vanilla Ice. (Okay not as embarrassed.)

5. Why buy a CD when you can copy it from a close friend in Burma?

4. Downloads are more environmentally friendly (no wrappers, bags, receipts)

3. Cover flow is cool except when you see this.

2. A CD takes up more space than my entire collection on my iPod.

1. When you already buy everything online, why use "real" money for music?

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