Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gmail got a new look! @SteveMielke and @LifeChurchOPEN might like the new color scheme for OPEN emails!

So Gmail gets a nice new upgrade in the aesthetic and functionality department. Contacts and tasks at the top now? Like anyone ever uses those things. It looks like a solid upgrade to me. One of the cool things I found is that the color scheme of tagged emails can be customized. It was probably available before this update, but this is the first time I've noticed it. I have a bunch of filters to label and move emails according to sender. For example, my Facebook tag is, of course, white text on a blue field.
I've also been volunteering some of my time with, a ministry that provides TONS of high-quality resources to churches free of charge. So I have a filter set up to consolidate all of my correspondence related to OPEN with a yellow on black color scheme to match the branding of the ministry.

If you're not familiar with OPEN, you should be. They provide everything from sermon series graphics, videos and loops to HR documents, worship sets, and youth and children's resources. One of the coolest things is this: most of the resources they provide are free of branding, so if you want to use them, you don't have to sport some other church's logo or name on your slides or on your videos. No matter the size or type of church you serve with, OPEN probably has resources that you can use.
So two take-aways from this post: 1) Updated Gmail seems like a quality change and 2) Visit if you're looking for free resources for your church.

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anti spam service said...

The neon color scheme is rather painful to the eyes if one's LCD is set for high resolution. I think we need a better one for eye friendly schemes.

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