Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing the iPad: As iPhone Users Age, Apple Releases Large Print Edition

The typical iPhone user has now aged almost 3 years from the day they purchased their first iPhone (most of them are on their fifth one by now) and they are now the age that they used to call "old" and "out of touch." Apple, in it's wisdom, released a large print version of the popular smart phone.

"Sometimes have to blow in it to make it work."

Apple has some of the most loyal fans on the planet and the tech giant knows how to keep them coming back. Today Apple released their much-awaited tablet device. Although it was supposed to revolutionize everything that has ever been created ever (Apple's products always do that), the large-edition iPhone dubbed the "iPad" failed to wow the Apple fans sufficiently. Oh every last Apple fan will buy one the minute it is released, but they won't be fainting in the streets in anticipation.

Aside from the numerous jokes being made on Twitter and Facebook about the name (think feminine hygiene products) and concerns about proprietary AT&T internet access, the iPad does include... wait for it... speakers and a microphone! ooooOOOOoooo!

Do you notice anything missing from the trending topics in the hours after Apple announced a product called the "iPad?"

Finally, as computers go, you just can't find one with 64 gig of memory at the low price of $829. This thing is a steal!

(Picture via: New York Times Live Blog)

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