Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Launches!

So our good buddies at Google have released their long-awaited browser, Google Chrome.  I say "good buddies" in hopes that Sergey Brin will take me to space with him.

I've never been a fan of Firefox, so I can't make any comparisons with that, but I have to say Chrome looks much cleaner and friendlier than Internet Explorer.

Some features I find particularly interesting so far are
  • Crash Control - Each tab is its own application, so if a website crashes your window, you don't lose the other browser windows you also had running.
  • Advanced Search - The address bar also functions as a search bar, so use the same field for both directly visiting a website or searching the web.  And no, you don't have to use Google, but why would you use anything else?
  • Easy to Switch -  Chrome imported all of my favorites and links when I installed it, so testing the new browser on my favorite websites was quick and painless.
  • New Tab Feature - Whenever you open a new tab, a grid of your most-visited sites shows up, so you can quickly access the sites you use the most.
See the full list of features for Google Chrome here.

I still haven't found a RSS reader plug-in like IE7 has standard, so I remain a little hesitant to make the switch completely.  Let me know if you find a solution out there!  

The only browsers I've used to any great extent were Netscape Navigator, which is discontinued, and Internet Explorer.  Which browser do you prefer and why?  What do you think of Chrome?

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Anonymous said...

As I write this I am looking at your blog from Facebook and using Chrome. It is a cleaner interface, but there are still a few things that are not totally compatible. Even the Google website and other tech comments are noting so things need fine tuning. However it is clear that IE now has some more competition. I have used Netscape, and Firefox. Actually I used to love Netscape, but since it is discontined I have used the weary IE7, which taked forever to load. I tried to download some drivers for a Canon printer yesterday from the Canon website using Chrome and it did not work well. Not sure if it was Chrome or my internet here - which at time does not work too good. In anycase I have really liked the page where all your websites visited are and that has made looking at frequent site, like Facebook easy to get too. I think I am gonna try to use it as oft as I can and well, you never have to make a complete change. I have IE7, Firefox and Chrome on my laptop now and at different times I use whichever one. I am hesitant to try IE8 beta though. Hope that helps.
C. Ulibarri

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