Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bears in Dallas

Monday I was out playing disc golf with my wife at B.B. Owen Park (join me sometime if you're in the Dallas area!), and we had decided that we would only play the front 9 holes as the weather was kind of rainy. We have to take the cool days when we can get them in Dallas, you know.

I decided to play the 10th hole before we headed back home. Stepping onto the pad, I proceed to launch my disc into a heavily wooded area and it looks like it went in pretty far. It's a strange part of the park where this bamboo stuff grows rather than the native Dallas vegetation. My theory is they put the bamboo out there because of it's unique ability to gobble up discs that go awry.

Amy and I spent the next 10 minutes looking for the thing through all kinds of wet leaves and the whole time she's informing me that we wouldn't be doing this had we just stuck to the plan of playing only 9 holes to start with.

After searching in futility, I started to lose hope of finding the disc. Before we left I decided to give one more area of bamboo a good shake, when all of a sudden the trees started to move and bend like on the first episode of Lost. Fear overwhelmed me as stepped back from the trees.

I couldn't figure out what was coming out of the forest at me! Was it another golfer's disc that missed it's mark? I hadn't seen anyone else out there. Could it be a someone who lives in the tree-covered areas of the park? Perhaps.

These are the thoughts of a rational person though.

My first thought was, "Bears!" (For readers who are not familiar with Dallas, Texas, the chances of seeing wild bears in Dallas are about as good as finding a solid gold bar that's enclosed in a protective casing formed out of a flawless diamond on your front porch one morning.)

Amy of course is just laughing at me the entire time because she sees that the commotion in the woods was caused by none other than my disc falling from some of the upper branches.

The lesson: You thinking there are bears can be almost as deadly as the actual presence of bears since both situations have roughly the equal chance of causing you to have a heart attack before your 30th birthday.

The other lesson: Don't get attacked by bears when your wife is around because she might just laugh at you.

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