Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woman Preaches at Irving Bible Church

According to another article from the Dallas Morning News, This past Sunday, Irving Bible Church had a woman, Jackie Roese (pronounced Reese), preach at the Sunday morning service this week.

This has been coming for a while, as a few months ago the elders of Irving Bible released a statement entitled "Women and Ministry at IBC," or you can read the short version at this part of their website.

Whatever side you come down on the issue of women's roles in ministry, I think anyone can respect this decision by Irving Bible Church in that it is something they appear to have carefully studied and struggled with the pertinent scriptural passages. And that they have given more than just words to this study and they decided to act on their convictions.

Listen to Jackie's message from Sunday, August 25 on John 4.

What do you think about this decision that Iriving Bible Church made? What do you think of her message?

Special thanks to Justin Hentschel, who emailed me this story this morning. Justin is a fellow graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and has played a significant role in the way I read, understand, and express my thoughts on scripture.

Update: Justin will be sharing his thoughts on this topic here at DigitalWorship tomorrow. Trust me, you don't want to miss it, so keep checking back or subscribe to the RSS feed and get updated as soon as his thoughts are posted.

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